Jisi Guo

Design Leader

Currently I'm the Head of Design at Phantom, leading a talented team comprised of product design, brand creative, and user research. Together, we're dedicated to building the most secure and user-friendly crypto wallet in the industry.

Previously at Lyft, I was a staff designer and founding member of the Bikes & Scooters team and Self-Driving platform. During my tenure, I received over 15 design patents - the most patents awarded within the company.

Prior to Lyft, I was a co-founder of Camoji, a simple GIF camera. We were featured by Apple, downloaded over 1MM times, and ranked 4th in the Photo & Video category of the App Store. Camoji was acquired by Lyft in June 2015.

I'm originally from Skokie, a suburb north of Chicago and I studied engineering, economics and design at Northwestern University. On most days, you can find me cycling in the Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles.

Reach me at jisiguo@gmail.com, on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Head of Design

Mar 2022 - Present

At Phantom, I lead a design team dedicated to crafting the most secure and intuitive crypto wallet. I played a pivotal role in establishing our design team, unveiling a significant rebranding effort, and scaling our company to over 3MM users in our transformation from Solana wallet to multi-chain platform.



June 2020 - Present

During Covid, I started a SaaS company called IntervalCam, enhancing the workout class experience on Zoom. Trainers can create custom workouts in our Mac app and run live workout timers and overlays directly in Zoom and their favorite video platforms.

Lyft Bikes

Staff Designer

Apr 2018 - Feb 2020

I’m a big believer in the humble bicycle - bikes have the potential to transform our cities. I was a founding member of the Bikes & Scooters team and led the design effort to develop a new line of business at Lyft. I designed our product experience and scaled our business from the first ride to millions of trips completed. Our mobility fleet has since become a major part of Lyft’s overall business.

Lyft Self-Driving

Design Lead

Apr 2016 - Mar 2018

Lyft develops self-driving technology through its internal team, Level 5, as well as by partnering with industry leaders through its Self-Driving Platform. I was a founding member and design lead of the Self-Driving Platform team. I led the design team working on our rider app and in-car console for our partnerships with GM, Cruise, NuTonomy, Waymo and Level 5.

Lyft Rider App

Design Lead

Jun 2015 - Apr 2016

I was a key contributor on numerous Lyft app redesigns. I also led design for the Lyft Apple Watch app, Lyft.com, carpool, airport pickups, and scheduled rides. Over the course of my tenure at Lyft, I received over 15 patents, the most awarded at the company.



Jun 2014 - Jun 2015

Camoji is a simple GIF camera that I cofounded and designed in 2014. We were featured as best new apps in the App Store and were ranked #4 photo and video app alongside Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. Camoji was downloaded over 1MM times and was acquired by Lyft in June 2015.